Sunday, August 24, 2014

AWR Warehouse

I just noticed last week that there is a new patch for Enterprise Manager and it is enabling AWR Warehouse feature. There is a note ID 1901202.1 which describe bundle patch for OEM 12c release 4.

Today I had a chance to install it in my lab and now I can start testing new OEM feature.
There is some documentation here and on Kellyn's blog.

It is not configured so first task is to configure AWR Warehouse repository. In my case I will use same database which is used for OEM repository.

Retention period and staging area for snapshot files has to be configured as well.

 After these two steps AWR Warehouse configuration job is started and when it will be finished AWR Warehouse will be ready to use.

When repository is ready we can start adding databases which will be a source of AWR data.

To add a new database to warehouse it has be already configured in OEM and has a default credentials.

If all conditions are met database has been successfully added.

Now it's time to play with these new feature and see what we can achieve using it.