Friday, October 25, 2013

OraSASH visualization


I started working on that project 2 years ago and at that stage I created a JavaScript code to display real time graphs and parse JSON code. The backend providing JSON data from Oracle Database was based on PHP and I didn't like that solution as it required to much configuration so project has been postponed.

Couple of weeks ago I discovered NodeJS and I decided to come back to my old project and this time use this lightweight server to work as backend server. I couldn't find NodeJS database driver for Oracle but I decide to present performance data using DBMS_EPG and PL/SQL procedures. Data are taken from OraSASH (but it can be used for ASH/AWR as well) and encoded as JSON. Browser is using AJAX to call NodeJS and NodeJS is connecting to Oracle DB to take required data.

This project is on very early stage so stay tuned - you can find initial code here

Please find screen shots from VISASH project:

One instance view 

Two instances view




New release candidate of OraSASH


There is a new release candidate of OraSASH 2.4 available on github -

This version is providing much more views and it's easier to use your existing AWR queries against OraSASH.