Saturday, March 28, 2009

PM and updates

In last few days I had planned perform two updates. Both really simple.
In one project I was responsible for everything and Oracle Application Server upgrade took me
1 day plus one day for test.
In second one, we have got two PM's and after 20 hrs I'm still at work :-(
We have started our work 8 hrs later because PM decide to make security research ... yeah
at the day of migration, very wise isn't it ? After that we have run into some issues
(stupid once as always) and now I'm wondering when I will be able to go home.

BTW - if RAC ClusterWare is up and running and in logs you have all nodes active in cluster,
but you crs_stat hung ... check how many packages are gone on interconnect interface.
If it is loosing about 25 % of packages Oracle ClusterWare in going crazy.