Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oracle and Hybrid Columnar Compression Support

Oracle announced support for Hybrid Columnar CompressionSupport for ZFS Storage Appliances and Pillar Axiom Storage Systems on Sep 30th. According to Steve Tunstall's blog these feature should work with and any ZFS Appliance. I have tested it on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 with and ZFS Appliance software emulator and it didn’t work. I have read Steve post again and he mentioned in comment that additional patch is required. There is was no information about it on MOS yesterday evening but today morning I found following note - "Bug 13041324 - Enhancement to allow HCC on ZFS and Pillar Storage". I still can’t find patch and I’m really tempted to try it on my virtual machines and has a possibility to test Oracle HCC feature. Hope this patch will be available soon.