Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New version of Simulating ASH


I have mentioned some time ago about using Simulating ASH to solve performance issue in Oracle 9i database.
According to some restrictions I have to customize it a little bit and than I agreed with Kyle Hailey that I will publish it as a new version of S-ASH. A new project has been created on SourceForge to keep a repository and this new code and installation instruction can be find here.

Please feel free to post any comments or remarks. I have some idea about potential enhancement of that tool but I'm open for any new too.



Anonymous said...

I'd suggest offering a single zip and/or tar.gz download containing all scripts. Having to download each one individually would be annoying.

Marcin Przepiorowski said...

Hi Don,

Thanks for that. I will try to do it asap and add a link.

goryunov said...

Hi Marcin,

thank you for the code. I downloaded and installed it, but made some changes:
1. I had to use sash_repo user as repository owner and sash as the owner of link (the same database)
so made some changes in the code.
2. Looks like the code is not suitable to get information from several databases to one repository database (I think as parameter db link can be added to package)
3. sql_id in SASH objects was used as hash_value but since there is sql_id from 10g I added sql_hash_value and sql_id to objects and changed the code accordingly

Marcin Przepiorowski said...

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for your comments. I'm working now on version 2.2 which has all changes you have done. You can see early code using this link -

All previous versions of S-ASH were supported Oracle from version 8 to 11. Version 2.2 will be supported Oracle from version 10g onwards. I'm working on some S-ASH report similar to Oracle ASH report.