Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oracle RAC 11R2 and VMWare


Last week I spend on installation and configuration Oracle RAC 11R2 on VMWare.
This nothing special but I want to do that on my laptop with Windows XP and 4 GB of RAM.
Until know it was enough RAM to install Oracle RAC in 9i, 10g and 11R1 but with 11R2 it is a more complicated.

First of all Oracle required 1.5 GB for Grid infrastructure or 2.5 GB for Grid Infrastructure
and database. If you multiple it by 2 - it is 8 GB as a minimum ;) Hmmm we have only half of it.

First attempt was to install it with my original settings - 1 GB RAM and 1 GB swap for each of VM.
It hung during script at the end of installation.

After that I decided to increase memory one of VM and add swap for both. New configuration was

on node 1 - 1.5 GB RAM and 2 GB swap,
on node 2 - 1.0 GB RAM and 2 GB swap.

That was it. Node with bigger RAM was used to start OUI and was first in cluster.

After successful installation of Grid Infrastructure I decided to decrease SGA size for ASM instances to required minimum (136 MB) and I have started a database installation and configuration. I have installed Oracle binaries and then I have started manually DBCA to create a database - of course SGA has been to required minimum (about 370 MB).
After 25 minutes I have had a working environment.

Next I have installed a patch for RAC One node - a new option for run Oracle in fail over cluster.
A new post about that should appear in a few days.



Anonymous said...


on vmware on a laptop, how can i configure SCAN via dhcp on a vmware nodes, in a stanalone laptop.


Marcin Przepiorowski said...

SCAN has to be a well know address (at least one, I think max is three IP). Why do you want to use DHCP for that ?