Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Discoverer admin API


Did you ever use a command line to do something ?
It is nice to have a strong CMD API to create a scripts and automate some work.
As far as I remember Oracle has a very good tools to perform that kind of task.
I was very surprised when I was trying use EULAPI.bat to automate a implementation
of this same EUL for 14 installations. I have create very simple script, I have started it
- hurray - no errors - command complete but ... nothing changed in database.

Two examples :

eulapi.bat -connect eul_own/eul_own@own -grant_privilege -business_area_access "BI%" -wildcard -user USER1

eulapi.bat -connect eul_own/eul_own@own -grant_privilege -user USER1 -business_area_access "BI%" -wildcard

Number 1 is not working, number 2 is working.
What is a difference ? A location of NAMED parameter "user".
Ok, parameters can be order based but why we need to put a name before it ?
and why there was "command successful" at the end of command ?
Another one nice Oracle "feature" :-)

So if you are trying use EULAPI remember that you have put a correct order of parameters.