Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grid Control 11.1- Installation - Weblogic server


New Grid Control 11g has been released a view days ago (see my previous post with links).I have spend some time downloading it and now is time to share my installing experience.
First of all you have to know that unlike in previous version of Grid Control, new one is shipped without application server and without database.Both of them has to be downloaded and installed separately.
This a list of all necessary Oracle products:
  • Oracle Database -,, plus required patches - see Grid Control Basic Installation Guide 
  • Weblogic 10.3.2 with patches - I was unable to find required patch but decided to try without it
  • certified operating system - Oracle Enterprise Linux 4, 5.x or RedHat Linux 4, 5.x
I'm wondering what is inside this package Grid Control 10g has about 2.5 GB including database and application server. Grid Control 11g has 4.2 GB without application server (1 GB) and database server (4 GB for Oracle 11gR1).
Let's start with prerequisites.I assume that everybody has database up and running and I will start with Weblogic server. I have some experience with Weblogic version 7 and 8 and I have been very excited to see a new version of it.
  1. Download a Weblogic server - I have used Package installer which has everything inside one package

  2. Login as oracle and start ./wls1032_linux32.bin process

  3. Welcome screen appear - Click Next

  4. Choose Middleware Home and click Next

  5. Confirm that you don't need to configure My Oracle Support

  6. Choose installation type

  7. Confirm Weblogic directory

  8. Installation summary - click Next

  9. Take some - installation in progress

  10. Installation has been completed - We don't need to configure any Weblogic domain now so we can skip Quickstart.

If everything was well you should have all necessary components (database and Weblogic server) to start Grid Control installation. Next post will cover check of database parameters and Grid Control installation. See you soon.



    Anonymous said...

    Is there a 64 bit *.bin compiled version of Weblogic to leverage 64 bit instead of installing 32bit?