Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oracle ACFS on CentOS


This is short instruction how to install Oracle ACFS on CentOS. CentOS is free version of RedHat and it is binary compatible. It is not officially supported by Oracle but all solutions related for RedHat should work on CentOS too.
I have found Laurent blog post about it and I used it as a background of my investigation. When I have used Laurent's steps it was fine until I want to register ACFS in Oracle Cluster Registry. I couldn't do it as not all cluster types has been registered during Grid Infrastructure configuration process.
Here is a simple solution how to fix it for new installations (still working on solution for existing one).
  1. Perform GUI part of Grid Control installation
  2. Before executing on both nodes edit following file on both nodes : $ORACLE_HOME/lib/

    line 299:    
    else   {     
       # we don't know what this is     
       $supported = 1;     
       $vers = "EL5";   
  3. Execute a on both nodes
Now ACFS will be installed and configured and all necessary tools will be copied.


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