Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Have to read and remember


Third post today (all very short) but I have to clean up my workspace and close all tab in Firefox.
As I always has problem with bookmarks there is a list of interesting documents which I have read and kept open from some time to add it to blog.

Jonathan Lewis - old but very important about indexes.
James Morle's blog - new stuff is coming
Oracle CBO development group blog - some new papers ex. Upgrade from 10g to 11g - CBO changes
Uwe Hesses blog - is count(col) better than count(*)
Miladin Modrakovic's blog - New Oradebug feature in 11R2

I have forgot about Richard Foote's blog - two entries - Open World Highlights
and another entries about index rebuilding - I'm on Richard side and I prefer to go out on Sunday afternoon ;)